Product Overview

CR-M shown with optional Admin Panel.

S&S Precision’s new Chest Rig Modular (CR-M) is the newest addition to its popular carrier system series. Designed to be a monolithic, semi-rigid load-bearing structure, the CR-M is a flexible yet stable platform to carry a variety of loadouts.

The CR-M is manufactured using hydrophobic materials in order to reduce unwanted weight typically gained from water, moisture and sweat. The result is an ultra-lightweight and durable rig that can be customized to any mission set. The side-release buckles allow rapid donning and doffing.

The CR-M comes with a number of features that make it an extremely versatile yet lightweight rig that fit a variety of admin pouches and EUD platforms such as the S&S Precision’s FlipLite™, Admin Low Pro with PTT Wing and NAVGEAR™ products like the FlipMod™ and ZipFlip™. The rig comes in six different configurations specifically designed with different operations in mind.

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CR-M KEY Features

Below are just some of the many features the Chest Rig Modular.

Removable Padded Shoulder Pads

Lined with Close Cell Foam

Abdominal Panel

Laser Cut MOLLE field, lined Hydrophobic Materials & Removable Comfort Foam

Comfort Foam

Breathable, Adjustable and Removable

Optional Admin Panel

Laser Cut MOLLE Field

Optional Side Release Buckles

Allow Rapid Donning and Doffing

Multiple Configurable Rigs

Land, Air and Sea Rigs


The rig comes in six different configurations specifically designed with different operations in mind.


The CR-M’s Low-Profile Configuration is lightweight and features the laser cut abdominal panel with MOLLE field that can fit up to two radios and three rifle magazines.

  • Padded shoulder pads removed
  • Shoulder straps woven directly into the abdominal panel


The CR-M’s Fully Loaded Out Configuration features the optional admin panel with PTT and S&S Precision’s FlipLite™ already attached. The abdominal panel comes with a SwimR Dry-Bag, Radio Pouch, and Vertical Utility Pouch. Additionally, the rear harness comes with the S&S Precision Hydration Pouch.


    The CR-M Assault Pack Configuration allows the rig with the optional admin panel to be configured to easily carry assault packs.


      The CR-M Up Armor Configuration allows the operator to attach armor plates easily to the rig without having to change loadout configurations.


      The CR-M is designed to fit with the S&S Precision LiftR-40 flotation system.


      The CR-M’s Fin Retention System is designed to carry fins securely using a removable side release buckle and bungee keeper.

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